See Me Trial to make hailing the bus easier than ever!

Looking for Bus o0n See Me App

Busways has partnered with SAGE Automation to road test the new See Me App in NSW’s Port Macquarie region and is inviting Port Macquire commuters to participate in the trial.

Winner of last year’s Access Australia Award Initiative of the Year, the See Me App was developed by programmer Cassie Hames to make bus services more accessible to commuters and make commuters more visible to bus drivers. It will be of great support to community members who find it difficult to read the bus destination sign or raise their arm to signal the bus driver.

The See Me app enhances users' public transport experience by seamlessly integrating with the bus onboard system to notify the driver a passenger is waiting. The app then delivers spoken, visual and haptic notifications to the passenger's phone when the bus is approaching both the pick-up and destination locations.

Port Macquarie customers are invited to participate by downloading the See Me: Bus Signalling app from the App Store or Google Play Store and sharing their experience with the SAGE team by completing the in-app survey at the end of the trip or emailing feedback directly at

“The app is currently at the proof of concept stage, and we are inviting people of Port Macquarie to participate in the trial and provide their valuable feedback,” said Mark Lawrence, Assistant Area Manager, Lower North Coast.

“This feedback will contribute to the app's development, helping the SAGE team to improve the App’s usability and make it even more helpful for people,” added Mr Lawrence.

Cassie Hames, shared, "The See Me app represents a 15-year dream, shaped by my own experiences and those of numerous members within the blind community. I firmly believe that going out into the community should be an equally enriching experience for all, irrespective of abilities, disabilities, or any other factors. “

“As a frequent public transport user, I wanted to develop a solution that enhances accessibility for everyone, ensuring that all individuals can feel at ease, comfortable, confident, and safe when catching the bus. See Me stands as a testament to the principle that no one should ever be left behind." Hames added.

Mr Lawrence added: "We want everyone in the community to feel confident travelling by bus. To enable the See Me app functionalities we have updated our onboard bus system and trained our drivers. We welcome everyone onboard, the app can be used on any Busways service in the Port Macquarie region."

Ms Hames was honoured with the 2022 Holman Prize, an international accolade celebrating innovative thinkers within the blind or low vision community, for her pioneering idea for the app.

The trial is under Bus Boarding Assistant Innovation Challenge by Transport for NSW. This initiative reflects TfNSW's commitment to leveraging innovation to enhance accessibility and inclusivity within public transport systems.