A reminder to wear your seatbelt!

A reminder to wear your seatbelt!

A reminder to students to correctly wear their seatbelts when riding the bus to and from school.

In the interest of safety for our young travellers, we are asking parents and schools to encourage children and students to correctly use seatbelts.

Seatbelts double the chance of survival and reduce the risk of injury in a road crash.

By law, all passengers must use the seat belts in any bus that is fitted with them.

Bus drivers ensure passengers are made aware of the need to wear seatbelts when travelling on the bus.

Parents and carers should also remind their children about bus safety including taking a seat quickly and buckling up on the bus

Having children buckled up allows the driver to concentrate on driving students to and from school safely.

It’s important to remind your children before they hop onto the bus to correctly use seatbelts.

For a seatbelt to work, it should be adjusted to be 'low, flat and firm':

  • low – placed on your hips to fully secure your body weight
  • flat – no twists, turns or folds
  • firm – regularly pull the belt firm to remove any slack.

For students who need help fastening their seatbelt whilst on the bus, please remind them to ask for help, from an older student, sibling or friend.

Parents and carers are reminded that the Transport for NSW Student Code of Conduct applies to students travelling on buses.  Failing to wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened can result in a temporary or permanent travel suspension.

For more information on how to travel safely see the Transport for NSW’s Student Code of Conduct here. Further information on bus safety is also available here.