Real-time trip updates and digital timetables for Port Macquarie

transport connected bus program graphic

From Tuesday, 7 December, Port Macquarie bus customers can plan bus trips and make better-informed travel decisions using digital timetable information and real-time updates.

Customers can plan a bus trip by:

Customers will receive real-time information including bus location, estimated arrival time at a stop and occupancy status giving an indication of how many people are already on board the bus, thanks to state-of-the-art automatic passenger counting and vehicle tracking technology.

The technology shares information on how full services are, and about any delays or planned service changes in real-time. Customers can see how far away a bus is before they start their trip, and parents will be able to check the progress of their child's school bus.

Port Macquarie joins Grafton and Coffs Harbour in receiving digital timetables and real-time information, allowing customers to plan trips using digital tools and apps.