Public transport gives The Gift of Time!

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Did you know taking public transport can save you time and money?

The South Australian Government has introduced a new and innovative campaign aimed at promoting the convenience, affordability, and time-saving advantages of utilising public transport.

The campaign encourages people to reconsider and re-engage with Adelaide Metro services, and win back time by using public transport more and leaving the car at home.

The Gift of Time campaign highlights numerous benefits of utilising public transport for commuting to work, school, and social events.

By choosing to board buses, trains, or trams, commuters can easily reclaim their valuable time, allowing them to relax and unwind during their daily journeys. This eliminates the stress of driving, dealing with traffic congestion, or searching for parking spaces.

It’s an even more enticing option with consistently high petrol prices - opting for public transport helps people save money. South Australians who travel into the city for work daily can save over $10,000 per year by opting for public transport instead of driving. Find out how much you could be saving by visiting Adelaide metro’s savings estimator tool.

By choosing public transport we’re all also helping to lower congestion on our roads and making an environmentally friendlier choice.

For the latest public transport information and news in Adelaide, please visit Adelaide Metro - News