Port Mac students learn key bus safety skills during National Road Safety Week

Busways educator Murray White presents St Peters Primary School students with bus safety hero gift packs

Over 50 of the newest students at St Peter’s Primary School in Port Macquarie earned vital bus safety skills during the National Road Safety Week in May, with local bus operator Busways’ free bus safety school education program.

The young students enjoyed the fun and interactive lessons which are tailored to deliver learning outcomes aligned to the school syllabus. All participating students got to apply their newfound knowledge during a bus ride, for some their first time on a bus, and received a fun giveaway pack and an "I'm a Bus Safety Hero" certificate!

Mrs. Koning, principal of St Peter’s Primary School, said it was a great opportunity during National Road Safety Week to introduce these key safety lessons and start familiarizing the children with public transport. “Buses are common around schools, so whether a child catches the bus or not, they must learn the fundamental principles to ensure their safety in bus-related environments.

“The kids thoroughly enjoyed the animated content and the practical bus ride experience,” added Mrs. Koning.

Ms Donna Frith, Head of Marketing and Communication at Busways, said it's essential to develop responsible public transport habits among children. "Initiatives like these help students learn important bus safety behaviours such as maintaining a distance from the curb, holding onto handrails while the bus is in motion, fastening seatbelts if available, and waiting for the bus to depart before crossing the road.”

Busways remains committed to promoting bus safety education through its Free Bus Education Program in its service regions. National Road Safety Week reminds us about how important it is to learn about road safety, especially for kids who are just starting to walk or ride around the streets.  One of the themes for this year's Road Safety Week is "remember to slow down and give them space," and it acts as a reminder for everyone to be careful around buses and in the school areas.

With positive feedback from participating schools, teachers, and students, the program continues to make strides in nurturing a safety-conscious generation.

Busways offers the bus safety program free to all primary schools within Busways' service regions. To book a free Bus Education Program visit www.busways.com.au/school-services/school-bus-safety-program-booking-form.

Busways educator Murray White presents St Peters Primary School students with bus safety hero gift packs