New Healthy Minds Program from BusNSW for NSW bus employees

Signal For Help Campaign

Busways welcomes the new ‘Signal for Help’ mental health program launched by BusNSW on 26 July.

The initiative promotes early intervention for better mental health in the bus industry and aims to reduce stigma around mental health, fostering a supportive work environment.

By encouraging open conversations and providing confidential channels for seeking help, the 'Signal for Help' campaign empowers bus industry workers to address mental health concerns proactively.

Busways Head of Human Resources Alanna Ward said it was good to be involved in developing the program as part of the BusNSW project working group.

“Mental health has become a pressing concern in various industries, and the transportation sector is no exception,” Ms Ward said.

Supporting the mental wellbeing of our employees has long been a priority at Busways, so we were quick to jump on board this proactive initiative by BusNSW,” she said.

“We’ve supported many employees through significant life events over the years. Busways also offers all employees a free Employee Assistance Program including confidential counselling,” she said.

“We’ve contributed to the case studies on the Signal for Help website that help reduce the stigma of reaching out and getting help. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, so encouraging people to seek help early and supporting them through recovery is something we strongly support.”

The Signal for Help program is funded by the NSW Government’s Recovery Boost initiative.