New Driver Assistance System to Help Bus Drivers: Navigation App for Sydney

Bus Driver using the App
The new app will improve service efficiency and make it easier for drivers to learn new routes

Busways is rolling out a new driver assistance system at Busways depots across NSW to help new and existing bus drivers more easily navigate their routes.

The app was developed by Transport for NSW in response to recommendations by the NSW Bus Industry Taskforce aiming to provide support to both novice and experienced bus drivers.

Earlier in April, Busways helped test the software, providing feedback on the app's functionality to get it road-ready.

Designed to empower drivers, the driver assistance system has a user-friendly interface, with visual and voice-guided instructions that provides comprehensive bus route information.

“It’s a little like the GPS or Navman systems the average motorist is familiar with, but specifically highlights bus routes and turns for bus drivers,” explains Dom Larosa, Busways Group Service Delivery Development Manager. 

“It’s a great step forward, easing the driving experience for new bus drivers as they finish their mentoring and move to independent driving, and for existing drivers who may be travelling unfamiliar or changed routes,” Mr Larosa said.

“We have seen that new drivers often find it challenging to remember a new route – this technology will help new drivers experience a smoother onboarding process and help in retaining new people within the industry by providing crucial support during the initial stages of a driver’s career.

As part of phase one of the rollout, Busways will deploy tablets across three Busways service regions in Greater Sydney, collaborating closely with the government to continually improve the user experience.

The driver assistance system enables drivers to select a specific route and a departure time, with visual and verbal cues for each bus stop and trip updates. This will allow drivers to stay focused on the road while receiving timely assistance.

By investing in technology and prioritising driver support, Busways reaffirms its commitment to addressing the challenges faced by bus drivers and offer safer, smoother, and more enjoyable journeys for all.