It’s now even easier to travel in Adelaide!

Buy and Go app from Adelaide Metro

Try the new Adelaide Metro Buy & Go App - It’s as easy as ‘Buy’ and ‘Go’.

Adelaide metro has now launched its pay and Buy & Go app which provides an easy solution for purchasing tickets and navigating Adelaide's buses, trains, and trams.

Download the free Buy & Go app from your preferred app store. From there, you can buy Regular, Concession, and Student Singletrip and Daytrip tickets, as well as 3-Day Visitor Passes. No need to worry about queues or specific purchasing times – the app allows you to buy tickets anytime, anywhere.

What's more, the prices for Buy & Go tickets match those of metroCARD fares. These tickets are valid on all Adelaide Metro buses and trams, including transfers to trains departing from Adelaide Railway Station. Your purchased tickets are securely stored in the app's wallet for up to 12 months, providing flexibility for when you want to use them.

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Discover the convenience of the Buy & Go app – simply 'Buy' your tickets and 'Go'! Learn more about its features and advantages here.