Invisible Disabilities Week a timely reminder to be patient on public transport

Invisible Disabilities Week (Oct 17 – 23) aims to raise awareness about invisible disabilities.

Invisible disabilities can make performing everyday tasks, such as catching public transport, extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Travellers with invisible disabilities may appreciate or need help when catching public transport even though it may not look like it.

The simple acts of reading a timetable, understanding their surroundings, standing, or sitting in some areas of the bus, quickly getting on or off a bus or knowing when to get off the bus could be difficult for a customer with invisible disability.

Busways’ Customer Experience Manager, Sarah Langthorne, said Busways is passionate about spreading awareness on this important initiative.

“As a public transport provider, we are aware that not everyone will physically show signs of disability or illness and may require extra assistance when boarding our buses,” she said.

“It's important we all take the time to remember someone might be struggling and to let them know you're there if they need help catching our services. This could be giving up your seat, showing patience if someone is slower than you or assisting them up the step if they need it.”

Busways will continue to help bring awareness, education, and support to our operating regions in NSW and SA on this important cause to ensure every customer feels safe, welcome, and comfortable.