Busways urges road users to be safe on and around buses

Busways is reminding passengers and road users to be safe on and around buses as part of the seventh annual Bus Safety Week. 

Busways said it has 1220 buses operating across NSW, with 453 buses delivering services in Sydney’s North Shore and West region.

“These services and our drivers play an important role in helping people get to where they need to be, safely, but we need all road users to take care and obey the rules around buses to help keep everyone on the road safe,” Busways Service Delivery Manager of North Shore and West Steve Hawkins said.

Buses are heavy vehicles and can’t stop as quickly as light vehicles. When a bus and car travelling at 80km/h apply brakes simultaneously, it takes a bus about 30 metres further than a car to come to a complete stop. 

“This Bus Safety Week we’re reminding other road users to take this into account when they’re interacting with buses on the roads. Give us space, don’t cut in front and remember it takes longer for us to stop,” Mr Hawkins said. 

“A crash involving a bus could result in serious injuries to bus passengers, the driver and anyone in another vehicle. We don’t want to see anyone hurt when simple steps like giving space can be taken to keep everyone safe.

Mr Hawkins also urged everyone to take other precautions this Bus Safety Week.

“If you are driving or riding, give way to allow buses to merge in traffic. If you are walking, plan ahead and don’t rush for the bus,” he said.

“If you see bus lights flashing, it means the bus is picking up or dropping off children so you must slow down to 40km/h as you pass.
Please also keep an eye out for children on or near the road around the bus. 

“Buses have blind spots in the front, at the back, and on the side – don’t assume the driver can see you. Keep a safe distance,” Mr Hawkins said.

“Always Be Bus Aware and help get everyone home safely.”

Bus Safety Week runs from 21 to 27 February.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/nswroadsafety or www.bebusaware.com.au.