Busways named four-time winner in 2021 Australian Business Awards

Busways has been named winner in four separate categories at the 2021 Australian Business Awards.

The categories include:

  • Digital Transformation – for introducing Blink, an employee communications app that has revolutionised contact with the frontline workforce. Busways was the first in Australasia to adopt the Blink platform and by customising features to create a specific system tailored to a bus operator, Busways overcame a long-standing barrier to employee engagement, and solved an industry-wide problem.
  • Communications Excellence – for Busways’ communications strategy for the Adelaide workforce when Busways transitioned in 2020. This involved daily posting, using the employee app. Employees felt supported throughout the transition journey, with 100% of employees using the app from early on. It was a big asset during the transition as COVID was at its peak.
  • Business Technology – for Busways’ smart depots (pictured). The smart depot project transformed the business over the last three years, digitising formerly paper-based processes, automating workflows, and integrating systems across the business. Busways’ bespoke inhouse software system allows three critical functions of a bus depot to be hosted in the one digital tool - rostering, dispatch management and fleet allocation.
  • Change Management – for Busways’ transition strategy in Adelaide in 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak. Then Sydney-based Busways managed a seamless transition of the South Australian contract’s 125 buses and two depots, while managing the engagement and recruitment of the transferring workforce of 248 personnel while working under the significant impediment of Covid-19 restrictions.

These industry recognitions confirm our commitment to continuous improvement in our business by developing innovative processes and tools that result in quality customer service and a happy and proud workforce.

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