Busways and DIT Test a Yutong Electric Bus in Adelaide

Adelaide ZEB Trial

Busways and DIT test a Yutong electric bus in Adelaide

Busways is running a new electric bus trial in Adelaide’s south starting in April 2024, together with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport - South Australia.

The Yutong E12 is the first zero-emission bus to travel in Adelaide south, providing passengers with a smoother, quieter and more comfortable ride.

Over the next few months Busways will test how the vehicle handles local trip conditions and roads, from flatter routes along the coast, to steeper climbs on the Southern Expressway and along the South Road corridor.

The trial will measure how well electric buses suit the local driving environment, and how they perform compared to Adelaide’s hybrid buses which use a diesel motor.

“It is an important part of Busways’ zero emissions fleet transition strategy to test and benchmark different makes and models in varied Australian conditions,” said Chris Wolf, Busways Chief Operating Officer.

Neil Henderson, General Manager, South Australia Busways and Matthew Pantelis FIVAA Radio Announcer taking bus for a spin


Matthew Pantelis a FIVEAA radio announcer visited Busways Lionsgate depot and he drove the bus. During his chat with Neil Henderson, Busways SA General Manager, Matt said I drive around the depot, and I should say it's really cool to drive … It is amazing to drive and there is no road noise at all, and a noisy bus is only going to be in terms of passengers speaking, that's all you're going to hear”.

Neil Henderson, Busways SA General Manager said the team is “really looking forward to seeing how the Yutong performs in Adelaide, where we already run several hybrid electric vehicles.

“We’ll also be upskilling our Adelaide team members, with exposure to and training on this new technology,” Mr Henderson said.

Thirty Busways drivers have undergone specialised training to operate the Yutong bus which will be based at the Lonsdale depot where a charging station has been installed.

The trial aims to gather valuable insights that will shape the future of energy-efficient transport options across the Adelaide Metro bus network.  This trial will inform future energy efficient transport options across the Adelaide Metro network, with 24 hybrid and two hydrogen buses currently in service and nine more electric buses on order.

Electric buses have no heavy gear changes so they accelerate more smoothly than conventional diesel buses and are also quieter and more comfortable for passengers. They do not emit local pollutants, meaning cleaner air for the community.

The new bus is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery and generates energy every time it brakes. It will take up to 10 trips a day during the trial but can travel about 350km on a single charge.

Busways is committed to working with government bodies towards a sustainable future and currently operates 18 electric Zero Emissions Buses (ZEBs) in NSW, including Yutong and Custom Denning models.