Remember to Signal the Bus Driver

Blue animated person signalling the bus driver

In an age where technological distractions abound, Busways emphasises the importance of maintaining clear communication with public transportation providers.

With the reliability of smartphones and digital devices, it's all too easy for passengers to become engrossed in their screens while awaiting their bus. However, with the convenience of modern connectivity, the simple act of signalling the bus driver is important to ensuring a smooth and efficient commute.

Busways urges all passengers to remain vigilant and attentive at bus stops. When your bus approaches, take a moment to lift your hand and signal the driver for pickup. By doing so, you not only facilitate a timely departure but also help to contribute towards a safer and more streamlined transit experience for all.

Next time you're waiting at the bus stop, remember to look up and signal the driver as your bus is approaching. Clearly raise your hand until you see the bus indicate it is pulling over.

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