Bus driver shortage impacting trips

The bus industry is currently experiencing a bus driver shortage and high degree of absenteeism which is impacting the ability to maintain services.  Busways is working hard to preserve service coverage across the bus network and minimise gaps, however, some services are having unplanned changes to trips that can impact your journey, and morning-of cancellations on some services should still be expected by customers.  

Customers are advised to check trip apps or transportnsw.info daily for up-to-date information, as timetables at bus stops are not being updated.

We regret the impact on customers and apologise for this unavoidable situation which is likely to continue until the driver shortfalls ease.

Busways is currently recruiting for over 100 drivers in Willoughby and Ryde Depots.  If you are interested in becoming a bus driver or know someone who is, please visit careers.busways.com.au for details.