Grip for the Trip

Put your safety first!

With many preventable incidents occurring on buses each year, the Grip for the Trip campaign looks to decrease the number of incidents by raising awareness among passengers about the small things they can do when travelling by bus to improve their own personal safety.

We are encouraging everyone to act for their safety when travelling by bus, through our Grip for the Trip passenger safety campaign.


Did you know that around 20% of safety incidents occur inside a bus?

Many of these can be prevented, just by passengers holding on! By simply holding on to a railing, hand strap or seat back while the bus is in motion, you can reduce your chances of slips, falls and oopsies, should the bus driver need to brake suddenly.

Buses move constantly, so being mindful of a few simple steps can help prevent incidents.

What can I do to make my journey safer?

  • Always hold on when the bus is moving
  • Allow the bus to pull into the stop before getting up from your seat
  • Hold onto the handrail when boarding and departing
  • Stay seated when the bus is moving
  • Watch my step when boarding and departing

It is OK to hold on in these COVID times!

  • All our buses are having extra disinfectant cleans daily
  • Bus ventilation and humidity are adjusted to the highest functional level
  • All our drivers conduct health and temperature checks before shifts

So next time you take a bus, Grip for the Trip
to make sure you get home safely.

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