Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my child eligible for free travel on a school bus?
A: Eligibility for free travel to school depends on a number of factors, including the distance of the school from your home. Visit the School Student Transport Scheme page for a list of eligibility criteria.
Q: I've lost something on a bus. How can I get the item back?
A: Busways keeps lost property for three months at the depot from which the service operates, if the owner cannot be identified. In all other cases, Busways staff will make every effort to return the item to its owner. Please contact the depot to find out whether the lost item has been found - Contact Us.
Q: How can I get a copy of a timetable?
A: There are a number of ways to get a timetable. Timetables are available on this website, in the Quick Seach dropdown boxes on the right hand side, and on the Timetable Search page. You can also get a timetable from you driver, or Contact Us to request one. 
Q: How can I give some feedback on services?
A: You can use the form available on the Contact Us. page.
Q: Can I take a pet on the bus?
A: Pets such as assistance animals or assistance animals in training are permitted on buses. Pets must be suitably housed and restrained.
Q: Can I take a pram on the bus without folding it up?
A: Prams must be folded up before entering the bus for safety reasons. Should the bus stop suddenly, a pram could become a safety hazard. Having prams folded also allows free access for other passengers in the isle with the exception of wheelchair accessible buses.

In wheelchair accessible buses, prams can remain unfolded if they are able to be secured in the same manner and position as a wheelchair, however, should it be required this position must be vacated for wheelchair passengers.

Q: How do I know from the timetable that I have a wheelchair accessible bus?
A: Wheelchair accessible services are indicated by a wheelchair symbol on timetables.
Q: Can I take my bicycle or surfboard on the bus and will an additional fare be charged?
A: Bicycles and surfboards are permitted on buses but must be stored securely in the allocated luggage compartments for the entire journey.
Q: Do bus services connect with train services?
A: Any train times shown in Busways timetables are those supplied by Sydney Trains at the time of publishing and are the most appropriate corresponding service.
These services are only a guide and you should consult Sydney Trains timetables for current train times.
Q: Can adults travel on school services?
A: Yes, adults can be carried on all school buses if loadings and loading restrictions permit.
Q: How old must I be before paying an adult fare?
A: Adult fare specifications vary across Busways service regions; more information can be found on the Fares page.
Q: Do buses have EFTPOS or Credit Card Facilities?
A: No, buses take cash only, preferably the correct fare or as close to it as possible as drivers only carry a limited amount of change. If you are travelling on a pre-paid RED, pre-paid PET, MyMulti or MyBus ticket, the production of the ticket and a concession card (if necessary) does suffice, no fare is payable- these are pre-purchased tickets.
Q: If it is not possible to complete my journey without changing from one Busways bus to another, do I need to purchase two seperate tickets?
A: No, a Transfer Ticket is available. Ask for a Transfer Ticket when boarding your first bus. This costs much less than buying two tickets.
The transfer must be made to the first available bus within one and a half hours from being issued. Transfer Tickets cannot be used for broken or return journeys.
Q: Do children travel free and if so, how many children am I permitted to have travel with me as an adult for free?
A: Children under four years of age, accompanied by an adult travel free (maximum of three children). More information can be found on the Fares page. 
Q: After 8pm can buses stop in between designated bus stops?
A: For passenger security Busways drivers will be happy to stop between stops after 8pm as long as it is in a safe place to do so.