Coffs Harbour

Fares - Coffs Harbour

The cost of a bus trip is determined by the number of sections travelled. If you know how many sections your trip entails, you can determine the fare using the table below.

If you know the approximate distance of your trip you can get an estimate of the fare using the table below, as one section equals approximately 1.6km.

If you would like to know the exact fare of a trip but don't know how many sections the trip is, please email Infoline or call your local depot.

Country Town and Rural Fares as from 5th March 2018

Section # Adults Concessions
and Children
1 $2.30 $1.10
2 $2.30 $1.10
3 $3.40 $1.70
4 $3.40 $1.70
5 $3.40 $1.70
6 $3.40 $1.70
7 $4.90 $2.40
8 $4.90 $2.40
9 $4.90 $2.40
10 $4.90 $2.40
11 $4.90 $2.40
12 $4.90 $2.40
13 $4.90 $2.40
14 $4.90 $2.40
15 $4.90 $2.40
16 $7.20 $3.60
17 $7.20 $3.60
18 $7.20 $3.60
19 $7.20 $3.60
20 $7.20 $3.60

Concession fares or free travel are available to some passengers. Click here to view concession passes accepted by Busways or consult the list below to see if you are eligible for discounted or free travel.Concessions

Type of pass or fare Issued by Fare Type Notes
Blinded Soldiers Gold Pass NSW Transport Authorities Free Guide also entitled to free travel.
Ex-members of Defence forces (TPI) Pass Sydney Trains  Free Free travel.
Family fares No pass required  

On weekends and Public Holidays, when more than two fare-paying children aged 15 and under are accompanied by either parent or grandparent, all other children in the family travel free. They must be travelling as a group to the same destination.

NSW Half Fare Entitlement Card Dept of Community Services Concession  
NSW & Victorian War Widow/er Transport Concession Card NSW and Victorian Transport Authorities Concession  
Pensioner Concession Card Centrelink & Dept of Veterans Affairs Concession  
Seniors Card Centrelink & Dept of Veterans Affairs Concession  
NSW Tertiary Student Concession Card Tertiary Institutions Concession Eligible full time tertiary students are entitled to half fare concession using a NSW Tertiary Student Concession Card.
Vision Impaired Persons Pass NSW Transport Authorities Free  
Vision Impaired Person with Guide Dog No pass required Free  
World War I Veterans Free Pass NSW Transport Authorities Free  


A child in possession of a free school bus pass or a TAFE College Free Pass, issued by Busways, travelling between home and school/TAFE (as listed on the pass) travels free.

A child in possession of a Work Experience Pass, issued by their school, pays the child's fare.

Children 16 years & over are required to pay adult fare unless travelling to or from school, or have the appropriate identification card. Children 16 years and over with the appropriate identification will be charged a concession fare.

Children 4 years of age and over, and under 16, are charged a child fare.

Children under 4, accompanied by an adult, travel free, with a maximum of three children per group. Preschool groups must pay a child fare for all children travelling.

Children travelling at half fare or on a school pass should not occupy a seat while adults are standing. Where age may be in doubt, proof of age is the responsibility of the child or a full fare will be charged.