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Bus Stop Timetables

There are a few ways to find out the bus times that depart your bus stop:

  1. Visit Transport Info and use their 'plan your trip' tool. If you know the TSN (Transit Stop Number) you can type it straight in, or alternatively search by street/suburb. This facility searches by a specific day, so you can be sure you'll be getting the right times, even if timetables are changing.
  2. Use a Transport App if you live in the Sydney Metro or Outer Metro area. Download one from a list of real-time transport apps available. We recommend orr the highly rated TripView app, which we have provided a user overview for.
  3. View PDF copies of our bus stop timetable posters below.

PDF Bus Stop Timetable Posters

The bus timetables listed below are bus stop specific - they are the same timetables shown at your local bus stop.

Bus stop timetables can be searched by Transit Stop Number (TSN) - this number is available at the top of the poster at your bus stop - or you can search by selecting your suburb from the drop down box.

To view options in numeric or alphabetic order please click which option you would like to filter by (TSN, Street Name or Suburb).

Please Note: Bus stop timetables listed here are the same ones that appear at bus stops in the region. If your bus stop does not display a poster then it will not be in the list. In such cases we recommend looking for a stop close by and adjusting the time as appropriate or using one of the other options listed above.