School Bus Safety Program

The School Bus Safety Program teaches kids how to be school bus safety heroes in a dynamic, fun and hands on way

We help students:

  • learn about key bus safety messages and how to travel safely when on a bus and at the bus stop.
  • practice safe behaviours in and around a bus, where safety messages are reinforced.
  • develop the confidence to travel independently and become champions for safety.

The trainers shaping our safety heroes

Our school bus safety trainers are experienced and professional bus drivers, who are passionate about the safety of children.

Our team will visit your school to help students travel safely and confidently on the bus by encouraging positive behaviour and reinforcing key safety messages in a fun and interactive way.

What students will learn

We cover these safety messages in our program:

  • Waiting at bus stops
  • Getting on and off the bus at school and at bus stops
  • Safe behaviour whilst traveling on the bus
  • Student code of conduct
  • Using School Opal cards or school bus passes
  • Reporting problems on the bus to the bus driver
  • Meeting an adult at the bus stop
  • Evacuation procedure in case of an emergency
  • What to do if your journey doesn’t go as planned
  • The difference between route and school services
  • The role of public transport in the community

What students will get

We reward students at the end of the training session with a School Bus Safety Hero Pack containing:

  • a colouring and activity book
  • a sticker sheet
  • cardboard bus model
  • library bag
  • certificate confirming their school bus safety hero status.

Program overview

Who is this for? Kindergarten and primary school students
Program availability 27 April - 25 Sep 2020
Training session duration 45 minutes
Students per session 40 students (recommended group size)
Cost Free
Location Provided to schools within the areas that we service. Teachers will need to organise a classroom or hall for the training session to take place.
Format In-class presentation with interactive activities, followed by training on a bus to reinforce learning.

Book a school bus safety training session

Online bookings are currently unavailable until February 2020.

School bus safety tips

Bus travel is one of the safest ways to travel to school, but accidents occur most before and after the bus journey.

Learn how to stay safe in and around buses with these tips for students, parents and drivers.

Tips for students

While on or near a school bus, students should:

  • cross the road where and when it is safe to do so
  • wait for the bus in a quiet and orderly manner
  • remain in your seat or if standing, remain behind the front passenger seat and hold on tight at all times
  • keep bags and other items out of the aisle
  • wait until the bus stops moving before getting off
  • listen to directions from the driver

Tips for parents

You can assist your child to become a safer bus traveler. Remember:

  • wait for your child on the same side of the road as the stopped bus
  • never call for your child to cross the road to meet you
  • supervise your child and hold their hand to and from the bus stop
  • discuss what to do should your child miss the bus or catch the wrong one.

Practice how to cross the road safely with your child. Remember:

  • WAIT on the footpath until the bus has driven away and choose the safest place to cross
  • WATCH until there is no traffic or the traffic has stopped
  • WALK across the road, turning your head both ways to look and listen for traffic

Tips for drivers

Drivers play an important role in keeping school zones safe for students and pedestrians. While in school zones drivers should:

  • observe the 40km speed limit
  • stop for pedestrians at children’s crossings and follow the directions of crossing guards
  • proceed cautiously around buses with flashing lights
  • never stop or park in a school bus zone
  • never stop or park near a children’s crossing
  • always use designated drop-off areas.