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School Bus Safety Training Booking Form

Please complete the following form to schedule a School Bus Safety Training session for your school.

Please note that the program is only offered to schools within the areas that we service from terms one to three. Busways will make every effort to meet your preferred times and dates, however if not possible, an alternative date and time can be arranged.

Contact Details


Session Details

Busways will try its best to accommodate your date and time preferences. Please note the School Bus Safety Program only operates from term 1-3, if you are booking outside of the programs operating times your interest will still be registered and you will be contacted once the program is operating again.

Sessions normally go for around 45 minutes.
i.e. school hall, classroom etc.
Please provide teacher's name, class name and number of students for each session.
Please provide details on your school's timeline (i.e. recess and lunch times) so that we're able to schedule sessions around them.