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TripView Mobile Phone App

TripView Mobile Phone App - Sydney and Central Coast Bus, Train and Ferry Timetables on your mobile phone!

TripView is an independently developed mobile phone app which delivers trip information to public transport users in the greater Sydney and Central Coast regions. Travel information is generated using public transport data available through the NSW Transport Data Exchange program. The app is currently available for iPhone and Android users, in both a lite free version and a full version for the cost of a few dollars.

Public transport users can access trip information where ever they are, when ever they need it, making trip planning easier than ever.

Helpful features include:

  • Summary view showing your next services, as well as a full timetable viewer.
  • All timetable data stored on the phone, so it does not require any network access.
  • Define trips using presets (source/destination/lines)
  • Multi-segment trips (can mix trains/buses/ferries)
  • Summary view allows you to scroll through all matching trips for the week, showing ETA and arrival/departure times
  • Route editor lets you edit or extend a trip (e.g. change at a different station)
  • Full browseable timetable
  • Automatically selects weekday/weekend timetable
  • Supports services that only run on select days (e.g. late night friday/saturday)
  • Displays special stop flags (e.g. pickup / setdown only)
  • All views update in real time
  • Small application size (~2MB including all timetable data)
  • Timetable updates can be downloaded from within the app
  • Train Platform numbers

For more information visit the website where there are links to the download sites.

Please be aware that Busways has no direct control over the delivery of transport information from the TripView app as it is developed and distributed independently. We recommend the app based on the results of accurate trip information about Busways services generated by the app at the time of our testing. Please consult the Busways website for travel information about our services if unsure about the information delivered by TripView.

Screen shots of the TripView app in action on an iPhone - How to add a bus trip:


In TripView there are four icons along the bottom.

Trips lists the journeys you have previously added, which are stored for future access. Trips can be added for buses, trains or ferries by pressing the plus sign.

When timetable updates are available a red badge appears on the Updates icon. Updates are released separately for buses, trains and ferries so ensure you download the updates relevant to your trips. If you don't download updates, the trip information may not be accurate.

Tools provides Service Information (CityRail network info for delays or line closures), Directions (a list of nearest train stations based on your current GPS location), Maps (bus and train route maps) and Settings.

Adding a new trip is easily done in a number of ways.

Trains and Ferry trips are added by selecting the To and From Train Stations or Wharves.

Bus trips can be added by Route number if you know which route you need or by Suburb or Bus Stop based on your trip origin and destination.

Selecting the origin and destination locations is easy - simply select from the available list.

Based on your chosen 'from' location, the 'to' location information will automatically filter to only present applicable stops.

If your journey requires a bus transfer, the app may not give this as an option. In which case you will need to set up the second leg in the 'extend trip' option later on.

After selecting the suburb, you will be prompted to select the stop location.

The default view will present the options in a name list, however note at the bottom of the screen that there is also the option to select the stop on a map - helpful for occasions where you might not be familiar with the area or know where the most convenient bus stop location is.

After selecting the to and from trip locations the trip will present on this screen with some options.

Extend the trip - helpful if you have to transfer onto another bus route to complete your journey. The app will provide connection details that fit with the arrival times of your first bus.

Rename the trip - allows you to customise the travel details, for example name the destination 'Work', 'Grandparents House' etc.

Move to Folder - If you have a lot of different trips saved on your phone you can create folders to organise them. For example, store trips to friends places in one folder, trips to shopping centres in another etc

Once you have created a trip it will show up in the Trips page, as will any folder names you have created.

Selecting the trip will take you to a page showing trip options from that time onward.

Select one of the trips to see a list of the trip's bus stops and bus times.

The app provides trip information for the current day but you can use the settings to change to a different day of the week.

Selecting the square icons on the bottom right corner changes the format of the information shown in grey under the trip times (ie route and suburb info).

In the blue bar along the top the direction of the trip is shown. To reverse the trip to see times for the opposite direction simply press on the text; in the example pressing on 'Gosford Terrigal' would reverse the direction.

Pressing on a trip as shown in the previous screen shot, and then pressing on a bus stop name will take you to a map of that part of the route with the selected bus stop highlighted in a different colour.

Press on the compass symbol in the top right and the GPS locater on your phone will show you your current position on the map (if you have internet connection at the time). This is extremely helpful if you are travelling on the bus and want to determine where you are on the route.

Zooming out of the map view will show you a complete view of all the bus stops along the route. You can click on any of the pins to find the name of the bus stop.