Community Bus Safety Program

The mission of the Busways Passenger Travel Training Program is to help vulnerable groups in the community feel safe, comfortable and confident travelling by bus.

Our driver training equips drivers to assist different groups in the community such as the elderly, disabled, culturally and linguistically diverse and school children, when they use our services. In addition, we recognise that passenger travel training is also a vital component of accessible transport, so we offer customised travel training sessions which address specific needs and build confidence and knowledge about bus travel in the local area. 

We run our School Bus Safety Program directly through schools located in our operating areas; sessions can be booked by teachers and principals.

Our Community Bus Safety Program is available for groups that face travel challenges, such as seniors and those with mobility impairment or a disability. If you think a customised travel training session would benefit your group, please contact us through our contact form.

Through the program we teach passengers:

  • how to read a bus timetable.
  • what bus tickets are available for seniors and concession holders.
  • what facilities are available to assist passengers when boarding, disembarking and travelling on the bus and how to feel confident requesting and interacting with these facilities.
  • the benefits and independence the bus network can provide.
  • that even life-long car users can become bus users.