Sustainability at Busways

As one of the major public transport providers in NSW, Busways plays an important role in the pursuit of sustainable communities.  We operate route and school bus services in regional and urban areas of NSW, providing people with a sustainable transport alternative to the car.

As our services help people to minimise their impact on the environment, we are also committed to monitoring and improving our own environmental performance on a daily basis. This commitment is spelled out in our Environmental Policy and implemented through an Environmental Action Plan.

Busways believes that business improvement, undertaken responsibly and efficiently, will help create a sustainable future for both the business and the environment.

Our ongoing investment in environmental initiatives, such as participation in the RTA's "Clean Fleet"; program, membership of the 'Greenhouse Challenge', establishment of recycling facilities at all depots, and the installation of rainwater tanks at various depot locations is testimony to this.

We're also committed to being green on the inside too, with ongoing employee focused programs including our Go Green sustainability grants, workplace energy reduction challenges, monthly green tips and a regular green column in our employee newsletter.

We share news and resources about our green initiatives here on our website.

Clean Fleet Certification

Posted: 05 Aug 2015

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Busways takes the lead on fluorescent tube recycling

Posted: 14 Mar 2011

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Every Drop Counts At Busways

Posted: 11 Oct 2010

In 2010 our focus on water-efficiency has seen the installation of rain water tanks at a number of bus depots and a Go Green! grants staff initiative, which encourages employees to install water tanks at their homes. ...more

Australians Say Public Transport is a Priority Issue

Posted: 24 Mar 2010

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