Western Sydney

ROUTE 785: Penrith to Werrington Station via Cambridge Park

Current Timetable

Current timetable effective from
Sunday 26th November 2017


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Route Description

From Penrith Interchange to Werrington Station

From Penrith Interchange, Stand B (R) Belmore St (L) Station St (L) Henry St (L) Evan St, Macquarie Av, Lemongrove Rd (R) Thurston Rd (R) King St (L) Copeland Rd (L) Richmond Rd (R) Cam St (R) Cambridge St (R) Wrench St (L) Victoria St (L) Burton St (R) Heavey St (R) Lethbridge Av (L) Victoria Av (R) Kazanis Court to Werrington Station.

From Werrington Station to Penrith Interchange

From Werrington Station (L) Victoria St (R) Lethbridge Av (L) Heavey St (L) Burton St (R) Victoria St (R) Wrench St (L) Cambridge St (L) Cam St (L) Richmond Rd (R) Copeland Rd (R) King St (L) Thurston St (L) Lemongrove Rd, Macquarie Av Evan St (R) Henry St (R) Station St (L) Belmore St (R) Penrith Interchange.

KEY: (L) means turns left, (R) means turns right.

Route Frequency

  Weekdays Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays
First Bus      
 Penrith Interchange  07:01  06:52  08:46
Last Bus      
 Penrith Interchange  21:00  18:21  16:46
am peak  30 mins  60 mins  60 mins
pm peak  30 mins  60 mins  60 mins
off peak  60 mins  60 mins  60 mins


Route Frequency - Opposite

  Weekdays Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays
First Bus      
 Werrington Station  05:25


Last Bus      
 Werrington Station  19:45


am peak  30 mins 60 mins 60 mins
pm peak  30 mins 60 mins 60 mins
off peak  60 mins 60 mins 60 mins