Central Coast

ROUTE 70: Gosford - Woy Woy & Ettalong Beach via Springwood St & Glenrock Pde

Current Timetable

Current timetable effective from
Sunday 26th November 2017


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Route Description

From Gosford to Woy Woy

From Gosford Station, (R) Mann St (R) Donnison St, (L) Central Coast Hwy, (L) Brisbane Water Dr, (R) Coolarn Av, (L) Wendy Dr, (L) Priestly Pde, (L) Sunnyside Av, (R) Brisbane Water Dr, (R) Glenrock Pde, (R) Murrumbooee Pl, (L) Bluefish Cr, (L) The Broadwaters, (R) Glenrock Pde, (L) Koolewong rail crossing, (R) Brisbane Water Dr, Railway St, (R) Woy Woy Station (stand 2) Railway St, Blackwall Rd, (R) MacMasters Rd, (L) Dunmore St, (R) Wyalong Rd, (L) Springwood St, (L) Beach St (L) Barrenjoey Rd (R) Uligandi St, (L) Broken Bay Rd, (R) Ocean View Rd.

From Woy Woy to Gosford

From Ocean View Rd, Ettalong via (L) Broken Bay Rd (R) Uligandi St (L) Barrenjoey Rd (R) Beach St. (R) Springwood St (R) Wyalong Rd, (L) Dunmore St, (R) MacMasters Rd, (L) Blackwall Rd, (L) Railway St (R) Woy Woy Station (stand 1) (L) Railway St, Brisbane Water Dr (L) Koolewong rail crossing, (R) Glenrock Pde, (L) The Broadwaters, (R) Bluefish Cr, (R) Murrumbooee Pl, (L) Glenrock Pde, (L) Brisbane Water Dr, (L) Sunnyside Av, (R) Priestley Pde, (R) Wendy Dr, (R) Coolarn Av, (L) Brisbane Water Dr, (R) Central Coast Hwy (R) Donnison St (L) Mann St to Gosford Station. 

(L) means bus turns left, (R) means bus turns right.

Route Frequency

Frequency: Ettalong Beach to Woy Woy and Gosford

  Weekdays Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays
First Bus      
Ettalong Beach (Ocean View Rd & Memorial Ave) 07:22 09:08 10:54
Last Bus      
Ettalong Beach (Ocean View Rd & Memorial Ave) 15:47 15:08 14:54
am peak 30-60 mins 60 mins 1 trip
pm peak 60 mins 60 mins 2 trips


Route Frequency - Opposite

Frequency: Gosford to Woy Woy and Ettalong Beach

  Weekdays Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays
First Bus      
Gosford Station 07:53 10:05 12:07
Last Bus      
Gosford Station 15:52 16:05 16:07
am peak 60 mins 60 mins -
pm peak 60 mins 60 mins 3 trips