Western Sydney

ROUTE 661: Riverstone Industrial Service

Current Timetable

Current timetable effective from
Sunday 26th November 2017


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Route Description

From Riverstone Station to Windsor Station

From Riverstone Station (L) Riverstone Pde (R) Crown St (L) Junction Rd (L) Windsor Rd (R) Boundary Rd (L) Commercial Rd (L) Chapman Rd, Bandon Rd (R) Wallace Rd (R) Level Crossing Rd (L) Windsor Rd (R) McGrath Rd (L) Old Hawkesbury Rd (L) Meares Rd (R) Andrew Thompson Dr (R) Old Hawkesbury Rd (L) Plimsoll St (L) Wolseley Rd (L) Pitt Town Rd (R) Windsor Rd, Bridge St (L) Macquarie St (R) Fitzgerald St (R) The Terrace (R) Kable St (R) Macquarie St (R) Hawkesbury Valley Wy (L) George St to Windsor Interchange.

From Windsor Interchange to Riverstone Station

From Windsor Interchange (L) George St (R) Suffolk St (L) Macquarie St (L) Fitzgerald St (R) The Terrace (R) Kable St (L) Macquarie St (R) Bridge St, Windsor Rd (L) Pitt Town Rd (R) Wolseley Rd (R) Plimsoll St (R) Old Hawkesbury Rd (L) Andrew Thompson Dr (L) Meares Rd (R) Old Hawkesbury Rd (R) McGrath Rd (L) Windsor Rd (R) Level Crossing Rd (L) Wallace Rd (L) Bandon Rd, Chapman Rd (R) Commercial Rd (R) Boundary Rd (L) Windsor Rd (R) Junction Rd (R) Crown St (L) Riverstone Pde to Riverstone Station.

KEY: (L) means turns left, (R) means turns right.

Route Frequency


First Bus  
Riverstone Station  06:37
Last Bus  
Riverstone Station 07:33
am peak 2 trips
pm peak -
off peak -


Route Frequency - Opposite

First Bus  
Riverstone Crown St & Hamilton St 16:48
Last Bus  
Riverstone Crown St & Hamilton St 17:49
am peak -
pm peak 2 trips
off peak -

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