ROUTE 375C: Town Centre - Westlawn - Town Centre via the Hospital (clockwise loop)

Current Timetable

Current timetable effective from
Sunday 31st December 2017


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Route Description

From Prince St (NAB) (L) Oliver St (L) Mary St (R) Bacon St (R) Cranworth St (L) Oliver St (R) Milton St (L) Dobie St (R) Orara St (R) North St (R) Turf St (L) Arthur St (R) Queen St (L) Powell St (R) Prince St to Market Square.

(L) means turns left and (R) means turns right.

Route Frequency

Frequency: Grafton City - Westlawn - Crafton City via Hospital & Bacon St

  Weekdays Saturday  Sunday & Public Holidays
First Bus      
Grafton (Prince St, NAB) 06:55 08:52 -
Grafton Hospital 07:07 09:04 09:18
Last Bus      
Grafton (Prince St, NAB) 18:20 16:52 -
Grafton Hospital 18:27 17:04 15:41
am peak 30-60 mins 1 trip 2 trips
pm peak 60 mins 2 trips 2 trips

wheelchair access - Busways reserves the right to substitute a non-accessible bus on trips marked accessible if operational circumstances dictate.

Route Frequency - Opposite

  Weekdays Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays
First Bus      
Last Bus      
am peak      
pm peak      
off peak      

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