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First Time Travel

If hopping on a Busways bus is a new experience for you, you'll be pleased to find that getting from A to B with us couldn't be easier! The following information will help you on your way.

Where to get a timetable

You can pick up a Busways timetable from any Busways depot, bus drivers, information centres and some other trip attractions. Or use the Timetable Search facility and search for the service you require. Major bus stops display the relevant timetables.

Please note that on public holidays bus services operate on the Sunday schedule.


  • To travel on public transport in Sydney and surrounding regions, you will need an Opal card or an Opal single trip ticket. If you don’t have your Opal card, you will be able to purchase an Opal single trip ticket from the driver on board buses. For more information, visit the Opal website.
  • To travel on buses in the North Coast region you need a valid bus ticket. Tickets are paid for by cash only. It will help the driver if you have the correct or small change ready. For more information visit the Tickets page.    

Catching a bus

When you see your bus coming, signal to the driver with a wave and stand back away from the road. Before you board make sure there's no one getting off first!

When you get on the bus you must tap on at an Opal card reader at the front of the bus. If you don’t have an Opal card, you can purchase an Opal single bus ticket (except on pre-paid services). Payment is by cash only, unless you hold a pre-purchased ticket. It always helps if you have the correct (or small) change out ready to pay.

Before exiting the bus you must tap off with your Opal card at an Opal card reader located at the front or rear doors of the bus. 

If you have a stroller or shopping trolley, please put it in the designated storage racks at the front. If you need some help, our friendly drivers are always happy to lend a hand. Some of our buses have fold down seats at the front so you can sit there and keep your stroller parked right next to you. If not, use the storage racks, find yourself a seat and enjoy the journey!

When you want to get off, press the button located on the hand rail bars, or pull the buzzer cord from the top once. For your safety we recommend you remain seated until the bus has arrived at the stop.

Sometimes the bus for your journey home may leave from a different bus stop. Usually the stop is located nearby on the other side of the road; however some routes may loop back on another road so please ask the driver if you are unsure.

If you are travelling after 8pm our buses can (on request) stop between bus stops for your safety, please let the driver know in advance so that they are able to ascertain a safe place to stop the bus.