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Opal fare increase in effect from July 2

02 Jul 2018

The recent announcement of a 2.2 per cent increase in Opal fares, to come into effect on July 2, will have little impact on bus users.
  The NSW Government last week confirmed Opal fares will not increase to the full extent recommended by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) of 4.2 per cent. Instead, fares will only be adjusted in line with inflation, resulting in a 2.2 per cent increase.
  Gold Opal cards, used by senior citizens, will not be impacted by the change and will remain at $2.50 for all day travel any day of the week.
  There will also be no changes to the current Transfer Discounts. Adult Opal card customers retain the $2.00 ‘Transfer Discount’ every time they change mode on a journey, and the transfer is within 60 minutes while Child and Concession Opal card holders retain a ‘Transfer Discount of $1.00 every time.
  The Transfer Discount has resulted in $160 million being returned to the pockets of customers since it was introduced in September 2016.
  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustments mean the following changes to Opal fares for bus users:
   In 2018, Opal is geographically the world’s largest electronic ticketing system, covering 40,000 square kilometres, 310 train stations, 44 wharves, 23 light rail stops and 39,599 bus stops.