Central Coast

Henry Kendall High School Special Education Unit Enjoyed a Bike Day at CARES

30 Oct 2012

Recently Busways received a request from the Special Education department of Henry Kendall High School on the Central Coast requesting the use of a low floor wheelchair accessible bus to transport their Special Education Students to the CARES facility to enjoy a bike day.

A teacher from the school contacted us to say “It was a wonderful help (the donation of the bus). Every one of our students  was able to attend, because your generous donation of the bus meant the day was affordable for all. With the use of your bus,  we were able to transport all of our students to the CARES facility to enjoy bike day. We all arrived in time to make the most of the excursion and were able to be back to school in time for sport. Our students with special mobility needs were easily able to access the bus and travel in comfort.”

The driver for the day, Mark Ellis informs us that the students appeared to have an excellent time and were very deserving of the fun day out!