Western Sydney

Guide dog training at Busways Penrith depot

17 Feb 2016

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure an accessible and usable bus network we have partnered with associations such as Guide Dogs NSW to help spread awareness of different travelling needs and train our Drivers how best to meet all passenger’s needs.

Drivers and other Busways employees are not the only ones who receive training on our buses. On Tuesday 9th February three guide dogs came to Penrith depot to learn how to board, travel and exit the bus. This lesson is just one aspect of almost two years of training to develop a puppy into a successful and responsible guide dog.

These training sessions run by Orientation and Mobility Instructors from Guide Dogs NSW, are a valuable opportunity for both the clients and their guide dogs. Clients are given the chance to train their guide dogs in a relaxed, quiet setting at the depot or in local areas before boarding the bus in busy areas with more sounds and distractions. The guide dogs are also able to experience boarding buses with steps of varying heights and aisles of different width.  

This partnership has not only been beneficial for the clients and their guide dogs, but also for Busways staff who have developed a better understanding of the organisation and the importance of what they do.

If you would like to find out more about Guide Dogs NSW and their programs visit their website www.guidedogs.com.au