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Busways Support for the World’s Greatest Shave

02 Apr 2015

Its crazy to think how time flies but oh how it does, so much so that our Worlds Greatest Shave events have concluded and our donations have been submitted. What an amazing effort all of our Brave friends made!

Many of us have heard of the Leukaemia Foundation  and Worlds Greatest Shave events and I think we all silently make a wish that its never us or our loved ones that receive a horrific diagnosis of leukaemia never quite understanding the gravity that this would hold; I too felt this way too until about 12 months ago…

When Cohen (my son) was born, we spent what most would consider a long time in hospital, it wasn’t until 15 months after one fateful day that I realised 3 months was nothing compared to some. Whilst Cohen was in NICU I would occasionally drop down to the Ronald MacDonald Room to have a tea/coffee/snack and sometimes even just a breather from the beeps of alarms that the walls of NICU held, one day very early on in our time in hospital I was in the Ronny Mac room, as it’s affectionately known and I saw a young girl maybe 10 or 11 years old and her mum there. The girl (I sadly never got her name) was sitting on the lounge in the Ronny Mac room watching Disney movies while her mum sat in the kitchen having what I found out later was a well-deserved coffee and bickie. After the mother and I both caught each other’s eye we started to chat, I explained that my son was in NICU and she told me her daughter was battling leukaemia, this news was something I had somewhat expected given that her daughter had lost all of her hair and I guess like most cancer sufferers, you can see the fight in the eyes of the beholder, it was a brief chat, nothing to committal but we both showed empathy, pride and strength while we spoke of our children.

Then I started to frequent Ronny Mac a little more often throughout our stay and I noticed the girl and her mother were always in the room at the same time 11.30am following the same routines as the time I first spoke with them, we would always share a friendly but empathetic “hello, how are you” and that was that. It wasn’t until 12 months later whilst I was back at the hospital that I popped down to Ronny Mac between appointments and it was the same time (11.30am) and I saw the girl and her mother, still following the same routine 12 months later, still fighting the awful disease and still as strong as ever, through what could only be described as any persons nightmare yet they both still gave me an endearing smile while they cooed over Cohen.

It was in that moment I wondered how after so long that they still seemed ok I mean they looked weathered, no doubt caused from everything they had endured, but they did not look broken. After conducting research into the wonderful work that the leukaemia foundation does, I now have no doubts in my mind that the leukaemia foundation are a part of why this family was still strong, why they still had hope and why they were still most importantly a family.

It is because of this that I cherish each of the Busways employees who were brave enough to shave, it is because of this that I value each and every single person who made donations and contributions to the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave events no matter the amount and it is because of this girl and her mum that I understand the impact that the Leukaemia Foundation has on those who are fighting; it is because of this that I know the Busways Super Team’s contributions to this cause can and will help if not one family but multiple families gain some additional strength as they without a doubt embark on the fight of their lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our staff who contributed towards the $8681 donation to the World’s Greatest Shave. I know I do not stand alone when I say I am proud of Busways for showing support and donating $1,000 and am especially proud of all of our employees who embraced this fundraising and got on board to make it a roaring success – CONGRATULATIONS!

Out of the national super teams supporting the “World’s Greatest Shave” event  Busways was ranked number 21 out of all of the super teams entered, this is a huge feat when you look at some of the extraordinary companies that ranked ahead of us. Well done to the Busways Super team! We hope to beat our personal best in the 2016 event!