Western Sydney

Busways Sponsors Winning Student for the Design an Ad Competition

07 Nov 2014

Each year the ‘Design an Ad’ competition run by Fairfax Community Newspapers has students from participating schools using their creative flair to try their hand at designing an advertisement for local businesses within their community.

This year, Busways participated in the initiative and sponsored students from Erskine Park High School and St Joseph’s Schofield in Western Sydney.

Using information from briefs provided by Busways, students were required to design an ad to promote bus travel as the safest mode of transport for children. Students were encouraged to come up with a simple slogan to promote this message, whilst also being colourful and creative.

Our selected winners from the submissions obtained from Erskine Park High School and St Jospeh’s Schofield were shortlisted to enter into the final round of the competition, with the winners decided by a panel of judges from Fairfax.

Congratulations to Brayden Keating from Erskine Park High School, whose 'Transformer Bus' placed first in the High School Division, winning himself $800 in prize money and netting $500 for his school.