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Busways Head Office employees supporting World Vision

14 Jun 2010

The Busways Head Office Sponsorship Club has just celebrated four years and the $5000+ milestone of supporting the work of World Vision in alleviating the suffering of disadvantaged communities across the globe in the quest to end world poverty.

A group of head office employees donate money each month to sponsor two young girls- 9 year old Paro in India and 11 year old Saquina in Mozambique. Sponsorship helps to fund projects that benefit the children, their families and the communities they live in by addressing healthcare, education, water, food and agriculture and income.

During the past three years the club has also purchased a number of relief gifts including a goat for a family in Africa, school supplies for a child in Asia, an Emergency Relief Pack for a family in crisis wherever it's needed, the construction of a toilet and hygiene education in a rural community and an energy saving stove that requires much less wood to be collected by women and children.

The club is proud of it's efforts to date and looks forward to providing further support to aid programs in the future. For more information on World Vision and its programs visit www.worldvision.com.au