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"Busways = Fine customer service"

18 Apr 2012

“I have to write and express my gratitude for the service Busways provided for me last night. With the recent heavy rainfall, last night I suffered from flash flooding into my property. The water was steadily seeping in and I had to pack all my home contents safely above the level of the increasing water. I made the decision to abandon the place for the night to crash at a mates place in the city. I have only been in Narellen a few months and don't know anyone locally and didn't know if there was a motel or even a taxi number. Anyhow, after waiting at the bus stop for over an hour, a “not in service” bus passed by on return to the depot. I got a bit worried about being stranded and called the number on the bus stop for Camden. The automated voice gave a mobile number for out of hours emergency. Not wanting to cause a fuss I called it to find out if there had been a problem with the last service.

I received a call back from the local depot person who advised that I had read the timetable incorrectly and no services were scheduled. I felt a little foolish about misreading the timetable. I explained my situation about needing to get to Campbelltown so I could get a train/night bus service to the city. He wasn't able to provide a taxi service number, but went one better and managed to get a driver finishing his round to get me to Campbelltown.

This really helped me out of a situation and I want to express my utmost respect to Busways for helping me out.

Busways = fine customer service” Kind feedback from AB, Camden for a driver from Busways Camden Depot – 18 April 2012