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Building Relationships at the Youth Connections Centre

07 Aug 2012

Recently the Busways Gosford Depot received a request from Robert Thomas from TFNSW to attend a relationship building session at the Youth Connections Learning Centre at Kariong.

In recent times Busways had some difficulty on a number of buses due to the behaviour of some of the students that attend the Learning Centre. These students are generally from troubled backgrounds and could at times, intimidate drivers and passengers. Robert (TFNSW) was concerned with the hard-line approach that was adopted by some other bus companies in the area which resulted in life time bans to some of the students and he wanted Busways to avoid a similar situation.

In attendance at the centre were Gosford Transit Police, Bob Thomas Transport for NSW, Mark Rizzardo Busways Gosford Depot Manager, Marcel Verheyden Busways Gosford Controller, and Busways drivers Carol Hayes, and Russell Cooper.

Mark Rizzardo said “it was sobering to see some of the students who I can remember their first day of High School now trying to re-establish their lives, along with an ex-drivers son there as well.” Mark went on to add that “initially the students were a bit “stand offish” but through discussing our own life experiences as well as them discussing theirs we were able to establish some level of trust between all parties.”

The Busways staff then were given a tour of their lovely establishment which included a functioning radio and film studio. All staff in attendance said that they left with a better understanding of these kids along with their understanding that bus drivers are people and just like them in many ways.

Marcel Verheyden, Mark Rizzardo and Robert Thomas sharing their stories.