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2013 NSW Youth Parliament Sponsorship

15 Feb 2013

Busways is proudly sponsoring a student from the Central Coast and a student from Blacktown to attend the 2013 NSW Youth Parliament.

One of the students that approached Busways did so specifically as his first choice for sponsorship because within the Youth Parliament, he will be part of the committee investigating transport. This committee will research, discuss, and draft a report highlighting the future of transport policy, planning, administration, infrastructure, freight, and marine pollution responses in NSW. This document will then be presented to members of parliament in NSW including the current Minister for Transport.

In line with this sponsorship, Busways has offered the two students the opportunity to learn more about transport planning and the unique considerations and environment faced by a public transport operator by inviting them to our head office to see the ins and outs of public bus transport.

This is an exciting time for these two students and we are proud to be sponsoring them to attend this event!