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2013 Camden Show – Pansy Railway Sponsorship

15 Feb 2013

Busways are the proud sponsors of the 2013 Camden Show’s trackless train “Pansy”.

At this year’s Camden Show a new element has been introduced thanks to Busways support – the Pansy trackless train!

Pansy as she was…

A Railway Line was established between Camden & Campbelltown to transport ore and coal in 1882. A notable feature of the line was the very steep Kenny Hill (1 in 19 grade) the steepest in Australia. The locomotive, affectionately known as ‘Pansy’, travelled this route providing a mixture of goods and passenger services. Locals professed “you could set your clock” by Pansy’s infamous whistle approaching Camden! Pansy made her last Journey on 1st January 1963. Pansy now resides at the NSW Transport Museum at Thirlmere.

At this year’s Camden Show for just $2 per person you can ride all day on Pansy! It takes you all around the showground picking you up and dropping you off at train stops located around the showground. Great for kids - of all ages! Busways are also hosting a stall at station 5 where you’ll be able to access valuable information about Busways services and speak with our friendly staff!

We look forward to seeing you all aboard the Pansy and visiting us at station 5!!!