Great Lakes

Information Stalls

Our information stall program takes us into local communities on a regular basis to shopping centres, community festivals and other events. The stalls are run by experienced staff happy to answer your questions, give you bus transport advice and discuss your feedback and suggestions.

Stop by a stall to:

  • Replace or pick up new/current timetables
  • Make enquiries or provide feedback about Busways services
  • Ask about current employment opportunities and driver qualifications
  • Get information on school bus passes, term passes, tickets and concessions
  • Find out about other Busways services such as charters, night buses and long distance route services
  • Pick up fun giveaways such as model buses for kids and infomation material to ensure convenient access to Busways contact details
  • If you have a suggestion for an information stall location, at either an event, shopping centre or other (within Busways’ service areas) please contact the Busways Marketing department on (02) 9497 1954 or email us at infoline@busways.com.au. We welcome your suggestions!

Information Stalls are held at various locations across all regions. Upcoming Informations Stalls will be posted below.