Passenger Rights & Responsibilities

Alongside Busways' Customer Commitment, Passengers also have a part to play in creating a positive, safe and comfortable service for everyone.

Busways' Passenger Code of Conduct outlines the rights and responsibilities of those who travel with us:

Passengers can:

  • Expect the bus to be clean and tidy
  • Expect to see the driver’s authority card displayed
  • Expect to not be inconvenienced by any luggage or goods within the bus
  • Expect the driver to behave in an orderly manner, act with civility and propriety and comply with reasonable requests
  • Drink water on the bus

Passengers cannot:

  • Place feet on seats
  • Smoke, eat or spit
  • Use offensive language or behave offensively
  • Interfere with equipment or damage the bus
  • Drop or leave rubbish in the bus

Enquiries and feedback about this code or any aspect of Busways' services can be made by calling 131500, emailing us or by contacting your local Busways depot.