Customer Commitment

Our Commitment to our Customers

Busways is committed to providing our customers with a service that is safe, reliable and comfortable, and which offers value for money.

Busways will deliver customer service in line with standards set by the Transport for NSW Customer Service Commitment.

All our staff should:

  • be polite and helpful to our customers and members of the public.
  • answer enquiries accurately, pleasantly and efficiently.
  • consider the safety and comfort of passengers when driving.

The Busways Passenger Relations Plan sets out our commitment to deliver, monitor and continuously improve, our high standards of service quality.

This plan incorporates customer service, reliability, accessibility, passenger rights and responsibilities, information, feedback and complaints handling, consultation, incident management and community participation.

Our Commitment to Quality

Busways is committed to organisational excellence. We recognise that risk management is an integral part of good management practice and are committed to establishing and continuously improving an integrated management system (IMS) in which risk management is embedded. Our Integrated Management System Policy governs this commitment.

Passenger Safety

At Busways, we pride ourselves on our exceptional safety records. It is our highest priority to maintain and monitor all aspects of our fleet to ensure our safety standards are second to none. As part of our commitment to safety, Busways employs experienced, qualified drivers who are trained to provide a safe and friendly service.

We offer the Busways Passenger Travel Training Program to help vulnerable groups in the community feel safe, comfortable and confident travelling by bus. Customised travel training sessions are delivered to community groups (such as primary school students, seniors and the mobility impaired), addressing their specific needs and building their knowledge about bus travel in the area.